St. Patrick's Day treat printable

Who needs a little St. Patrick's Day treats for kids inspiration? I'm not the only mama who loves celebrating this lucky holiday, right?! Maybe it's always coming across an endless amount of cute holiday ideas on Pinterest. Or maybe it's because my mom always made each and every holiday so special for me when I was growing up. Whatever the reason, I can't resist the urge to celebrate any and all holidays. And that includes St. Patrick's Day.

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Why We Love St. Patrick's Day

Sure, the grownup cocktail traditions surrounding it are a blast, but St. Patrick's Day can be just as much fun for kids! So, I thought I would up some festive ideas to help you celebrate with your wee ones this year... There's even a fun printable to jazz up your treat presentation!

St. Patrick's Day treats for kids

10 St. Patrick's Day Treats for Kids

Whether you're looking for sweet treats, or something a little healthier, each of these ideas would be perfect for your little St. Patrick's Day celebration! While they may be loaded with sugar, it's a holiday where it's all about fun and bending the rules a little. For our picks, it's all about fun, no point counting calories or grams of sugar. Check out our faves, I'm talking green food galore...

  1. Green Mini Cookie Sandwiches
  2. St. Patrick's Day Popcorn Snack
  3. Shamrock Shake
  4. Lucky Charms Pudding Cups
  5. Mango Green Smoothie
  6. St. Patrick's Day Treat Printable
  7. Double Chocolate Mint Brownies
  8. Shamrock Sandwiches
  9. Green Smoothie Popsicles
  10. Lucky Charms Treats

And now that you've checked out all of these fun St. Patrick's Day treats for kids, why not head over to our St. Patrick's Day food post for even more festive ideas?! 

Enjoy! And may you all have the luck o' the Irish!


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Use Pinterest to save your favorite crafts, menus and parties for St. Patrick's Day here on the Momtrends St. Patrick's Day Board.

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