3 DIY Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day

Show Your Kids' Teachers Some Much-Deserved Love!

I absolutely adore my son's Kindergarten teacher. She is sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and pure magic; everything that an early childhood educator should be. As the school year begins to wind down, I want to celebrate this kind, nurturing, creative, and spirited soul and thank her for all the hard work and love she's poured into the classroom and all 19 of her weekday kids.

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th and there’s no better time to show gratitude. Of course a gift card and a bouquet of flowers is always appreciated, but something homemade with the help of your child is even more special.

Shopkick, the shopping rewards app, shared three fun gift ideas your child's teacher will adore; and from the rewards you’ll earn using the free app to get supplies, you might even score a gift card too!

  • Teacher Survival Kit: Grab a box for your child to decorate (paint, wrapping paper, glitter if you dare) and fill it with some fun and useful things that your teacher would like such as gum, candy, hand wipes, bandaids, lip balm, and lotion. To finish it off, tape the gift card to the inside of the box top and you’re all set.
  • Cookie Monster Cookie Kit: Rally your little monsters to help you bring this cool cookie idea into fruition. Gather all of the dry ingredients needed for your cookie recipe (family recipes are awesome) and fill them in layers within the jar. Attach a note with the recipe and any other baking essentials your teacher will need like a spatula or oven mitt. Sweet deal? Definitely!
  • School Days Cake: This cake may not be edible, but it’s just as fun to make, promise! Pick up somes school supplies -- boxes of crayons, pencils, glue sticks, and an object that makes for a sturdy base such as reusable coffee mug and secure the school supplies around the base. Top with your a gift card and as the icing on the cake!
  • Personalize Tumblers: Like most schools, our girl's school is trying to be as green as possible. They've really cut down on waste and are encouraging everyone to use refillable bottles. That's where Tervis comes in. Customize a Tervis tumbler for your teacher here. Upload a photo and turn a reusable tumbler into a keepsake. 

Just use Shopkick to scan specific items in the aisle of your favorite store (i.e. Target, CVS, and Walmart) while shopping for your child's teachers, and earn “kicks “(Shopkick’s reward currency). It's that easy. Redeem your kicks for a gift card to a retailer of your choice, like Starbucks or Amazon as a sweet bonus for you... or your fave teacher teacher.

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This is not a sponsored post. Thank you to Shopkicks for providing tips.

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