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It's our sixth annual Ultimate Baby Shower and Giveaway event at Momtrends. Scroll through to see a few of our favorite must-haves, and enter to win one of everything below.

I’m going to admit something that you’re not supposed to admit... 

Baby #3 was—gasp—not in the grand plan. Yep, this little nugget of love was a total whoopsie-daisy... The sweetest surprise and the happiest "accident" ever.

Nevertheless, discovering I was "with child" threw me for a major loop. I had only agreed to take that pregnancy test to humor my husband. Alas, low and behold—a positive result. Cue the shock. Cue the emotions. Cue the confusion. Cue the almost instantaneous exhaustion and nausea.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I spent most of this recent pregnancy in a complete and total state of disbelief. I spent nine months in a veritable fog of denial, feeling anxious and disconnected. I wasn’t sure I was ready to go back to diapers and breastfeeding—never mind juggle three kids' pressing needs… 

But then she arrived—and everything just clicked. This gorgeous 7 lb, 14 oz. perfect little swaddle of joy was in my arms, and I felt that familiar surge of protectiveness and unconditional love. Those beautiful blue eyes connected with mine, and it was pure magic. Every doubt dissipated. She was mine, I was hers. 

coast snack tray2

MUST-HAVE 1: Larktale Stroller

My garage used to be a veritable parking lot for strollers—travel systems, joggers, bassinets, umbrella strollers. But you know what I’ve learned with a few babies under my mama belt? When it comes to gear, the rule is: Quality over quantity. You don’t need every stroller on the market—and you certainly don’t have to spend an astronomical amount of money for functionality and convenience.

The Larktale Coast is a stylish multifunctional everyday stroller that folds efficiently and quickly. The multi-position seat fully reclines making it suitable from birth on, when used with the cocoon-like newborn foot barrier. It boasts a super compact fold that’s great for apartment life, frequent travel, and car storage. It’s also lightweight for it’s class, making it easy to carry up and down stairs—you know, doin’ that #momlife juggle! Unlike many strollers, all accessories are included—cup holder, bumper bar, snack tray and newborn head hugger. The Coast is compatible with multiple car seats for the on-the-go convenience every parent depends on.

Larktale Chit Chat Stroller

Larktale Chit Chat Stroller

The Larktale Chit Chat’s eye-catching ergonomic design isn’t all that makes it unique—it’s also made from recyclable materials. With easy maneuverability and a compact fold, it’s smooth to stroll and (almost!) effortless to carry by handle or shoulder strap. The recline feature makes it suitable from six months on, and a UPF sun canopy offers ample protection on the go.


Must-Have 2: Lascal m1 Carrier

Sometimes Baby needs to be held close—but Mama wants to get things done. As moms, we are masters of multitasking. When Baby is fussy and there are errands to run and tasks to accomplish, it's time to break out the baby carrier.

Lascal’s brand new m1 Carrier can be worn on the front, facing in or facing out and worn on the back. It’s great for infants; the M-seat insert ensures infants, weighing 8 to 12 lbs.,  always sit in the ergonomic M-position with knees higher than the hip. When your little is not so little anymore the unique and patented Hip-Zip system offers perfect ergonomic leg support under a toddler’s thighs, even in the forward facing position for maximum comfort. Soft padding and thigh support mean no more uncomfortable dangling legs. 

The adjustable lumbar support offers lower back comfort and a wide padded waist belt and shoulder straps relieve stress on the wearer’s shoulders and neck. The super soft and breathable high-tech 3D fabric ensures superior comfort for Baby regardless of the weather.

The m1 fits all shapes and sizes with just a few quick adjustments using the intuitive and easy-to-use buckles; it's a breeze to put on and take off. Plus, Strap-Tidies keep all loose straps neatly folded for a clean and nice look.

The m1 Carrier is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) as hip healthy by giving correct support for your baby’s legs, hips and spine.


Must-Have 3: Nomi High Chair

Meals are when families come together. As a busy family of five, dinner is the one time we get to be together—to share, laugh, and decompress over good food and conversation. It’s so important to include Baby in this ritual from Day 1—so give your little a seat at the table.

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Nomi by Evomove is the next generation high chair that seamlessly adjusts without tools and evolves with children’s changing needs from birth all the way through the teenage years. It easily transforms from an infant raised bouncer to a high chair to a chair, so your child is positioned in the most comfortable and ergonomic position from newbornhood all the way to adulthood.

It’s available in 36 combinations to fit any décor—4 wooden stem options and 9 chair color variations.


Must-Have 4: Prince Lionheart Illumipad

Middle-of-the-night diaper changes are inevitable in those early weeks. At 3 AM, I can barely open my eyes, let alone function to change a diaper swiftly and efficiently.

The Prince Lionheart Illumipad features a built-in LED light that subtly illuminates the “business end” of Baby without disruption during pre-nap or nighttime diaper changes. The light has an auto-shutoff timer so you can tap on, tap off or tap and forget it, using the ambient glow as a nightlight while you gently lay Baby down to sleep.


Must-Have 5: Prince Lionheart Safety Kit

Time flies when you have a baby at home, and before you know it, you’ll have a mobile curious kiddo on the move. Baby proofing with this kit can help make your environment a bit safer for an eager adventurer. All components conform to safety regulations, are easy to install and use, and are specially-designed for dual action operation so that parents can easily operate while still keeping the kids safe. It includes 38 key pieces including door knob covers, adjustable cabinet latches, outlet covers, spring-loaded drawer and cabinet latches, corner guards, and multi-purpose latches. 


Must-Have 6: Chicco Pacifiers

You say paci, we say binky. Whatever you call it, a pacifier can help calm and soothe at nighttime or otherwise.

Chicco pacifiers offer an exclusive nipple design that helps position the baby’s tongue forward to maintain an open airway. The double ventilation holes allow for air circulation that prevents the gathering of saliva while supporting physiological breathing. The extra-soft, satin-textured silicone nipple gives the baby more comfort while preventing slip.

Mom Box 02_Ultimate Baby Shower

Must-Have 7: Leading Lady

I'm six months in and I've been living in my Leading Lady bras and tanks. I love that I can layer them under cardigans and nursing blouses; they keep me supported and comfortable, and I can easily and subtly feed Baby at home or on the go. (Oh, and they look feminine and pretty, too!)

Leading Lady offers a comprehensive collection of solution-oriented, fashion-forward maternity and nursing bras, tank tops and accessories that includes the must-haves you need to stay comfortable during every stage of pregnancy and breastfeeding. 


Must-Have 8: Mabel’s Labels

Whether your mini is daycare bound or off to a toddler playgroup. These Mabel's Labels personalized waterproof labels and tags are designed especially for all of your little one’s needs. From diaper bags to bottles, onesies to booties, there's one suited for all of your baby’s items. Bottle labels even offer a spot to put the time and date for record. And, of course, milestone stickers are a must for all those Instagrammable moments. Mabel's Labels are durable and dishwasher and laundry safe.


Must-Have 9: Kibou Bag

Moms like to be prepared. But that doesn't mean you should have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Sometimes less is more; who needs to lug around a heavy, hefty diaper bag tote? Meet the Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag. The Kibou is equal parts functional and fashionable, fanny pack and diaper bag. With a built-in waterproof pocket, it holds 20+ wipes for up to two weeks. A detachable changing pad unfolds from the back flap; you can swap this out for their Bou-Boo Bag once your babe is out of diapers. And a front pocket houses your most needed items: phone, credit cards and cash. There's a main pocket with space for your little one's diapers, a bottle, sunscreen or even a small toy, too.


Must-Have 10: WithThanks

There's nothing like a handwritten thank you note to show gratitude. But carving out time to personalize dozens of thank you's when you have a crying newborn at your chest can be difficult to say the least. WithThanks personalizes, handwrites and mails thank you notes after events like birthday parties, baby showers or the birth of a baby. You provide a list of recipients and they'll do the rest.

This is a sponsored post and giveaway.

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