Do you have your end of the year teacher gift nailed down yet? It's that time of year again. School is ending and you need to put together a gift that will properly express how much you appreciate the teachers who have nurtured and educated your kiddos. This is something I struggle with every year. Not because I have any shortage of end of the year teacher gift ideas, but because I want to give them something they really want. 

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Well, being that there are a fair amount of teachers in my circle, I decided to do some informal polling. And after getting some responses I walked away with the impression that they appreciate the gesture, but they have enough coffee mugs. Haha! So, I decided to take a departure from my travel mug, gift card combo and put together a pampering package for our teachers this year...My goal is turn their bathroom at home into a spa like experience!

the sill plant

Indoor Plant

A plant from The Sill makes for an excellent gift all on its own, but include it as part of your pampering package and it become extra special. I like the Bird's Nest Fern because it's pet friendly! Shop The Sill Plants here.

snow fox face mask

Face Mask...

The Snow Fox Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Soothing Mask is a most excellent choice. It's super soothing and will give your teacher the skin of her dreams!

the ritual of sakura body scrub

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Body Scrub

A decadent body scrub certainly falls under the pampering category and this luxurious body scrub is decadently moisturizing! Plus, you can't beat the delicate cherry blossom scent! We like this one from Rituals, but definitely gift something that YOU love. 

sparkling drink

Sparkling Drink

Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails are my new obsession and they're perfect for those times you don't want to spend the time mixing up a drink! And they look darn cute as part of a gift! Maybe your favorite teacher is more of a White Claw fan, it's all good! Give the gift of a happy hour after a very long year. 

milk + sass macaron brush

Fancy Hairbrush

The Milk + Sass Macaron is a brush and mirror combo in the cutest shape around...a macaron! And it's been specifically created to detangle and prevent breakage. Check out all the colors at

Now you could put all of these together for your end of the year teacher gift or even just one or two would make for a lovely gift that the teacher you're buying for might not splurge on herself. I've always thought those are the best kind of gifts! Oh and don't forget to include a handwritten note from your kiddo. They're most cherished so I hear from my teacher chums!



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