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I've always been a "crafter". My parents encouraged me to create things (or, at least attempt to) rather than buy them and the ideal has stuck with me always. Personalized and handmade items became super trendy thanks to the advent of Etsy, and now everyone can be an artisan.

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However, not everyone has the time. Don't handmade items take forever to create?? Not anymore. And you won't be sacrificing quality, either.

zippy loom review

Zippy Loom Easy Crafting and Knitting

Meet the Zippy Loom. This cute little peg system is designed to teach anyone to knit (like, literally anyone. We had testers as young as 3 who could complete the simple 3-step "zoom" process of knitting, and there were zero tears). 

Zippy Loom Easy Crafting and Knitting

The Zooming process consists of 

  1. Wrapping the pegs
  2. Wrapping the pegs again
  3. Hooking the bottom loop over. Then repeat.
best diy projects

Boom. You've learned a skill in 3 minutes and made a scarf in about 15. Or a hat. Or a drink koozie like this one.

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zippy loom project

Something that really separates the Zippy Loom from other types of looms is the ability to connect as many Zippy's as you want. Included in the kit is a connector piece that slides into the end of the Zippy. Simply attach the next Zippy and now you've got a longer loom for wider knits for projects like scarves and blankets. 

When I say that the possibilities are endless, I truly mean it. You can make hats by connecting Zippy's in a square using Zippy corners. Best of all, the Zippy Loom website has free patterns to inspire your crafting.

learn how to knit

Also included in the kit is a tool that helps you slide the bottom loops over the tops. You can opt to use your fingers or for tighter knits, it's helpful to use the tool. There are even little grooves in the pegs that the tool slides right into to make it even easier. Gotta love that. 

Zippy Loom Instructional Video

Watch our video for the full tutorial.


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