We're in week six (or is it seven?) of being cut off from a lot of things that our kiddos love, like roaming free at playgrounds, organized sports, dance classes and FRIENDS. What we do have is imagination and love. To help us harness these, we have the ultimate resource for unplugged, creative play...BIGBOXPLAY.

Unplugged Creative Play with Big Box Fun

Unplugged Creative Play with BIGBOXPLAY

The big focus at BigBoxPlay is playful learning. It's not a newsflash that kids have always loved big boxes. I remember making forts out of the washer box my mom had delivered. That thing kept my brother and I entertained for weeks. The BIGBOXPLAY cardboard playhouse taps into the timeless and universal love that all children have for cardboard boxes and building imaginary worlds.

These modular, resilient boxes are for kids 1-8 years old. BIGBOXPLAY is super fun and stimulates imaginative “free” play and creativity. With a kid-friendly design that promotes STEM learning, this play system consists of personalized towers, tunnels, and thematic panels that can be built into unlimited configurations, designs, and imaginary worlds. 

Unlock Creativity with BIGBOXPLAY 

BIGBOXPLAY sells 4 models—2 smaller play systems (Castle and No-theme) and 2 larger play systems (Castle and No-Theme). The sets start at $79.

Each STEM Play System Includes:

  • 3 Durable and Modular Towers and 2 Tunnels
  • 4 Castle-Themed Connectable Panels
  • 2 Dry Erasable Panels
  • 90 Connector Knobs

Kids Need to Unplug

Now more than ever, parents are relying on screen time to help us work from home. We want better solutions but we just have so much responsibility right now. We know that unlimited digital time isn't the answer. 

To address these trends, BIGBOXPLAY offers "life-sized" cardboard playhouses that are modular, customizable yet extremely durable. The children's playhouse also consists of personalized towers, tunnels, and thematic panels that can be built into unlimited configurations and designs. In addition, each kid's playset comes with a unique connector system that makes it really fun for children to build while also providing parents with an easy up-and-down process for efficient storage of the indoor play system.

Check out how kids engage with the toys here

Find out more at https://www.bigboxplay.com/

Unplugged Creative Play with Big Box Play

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