Happy Unicorn Day

But Every Day Is National Unicorn Day in Our Book
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I went to a big trend-spotting media event back in December, where they tried to claim that the unicorn was no longer in vogue; and that the uni-explosion of the past few years was getting old, getting tired, and getting over played... 

But, um, if you ask my three-year-old daughter, unicorns are still very much 'a thing.' In fact, they're her favorite thing. I mean, she was a unicorn for Halloween two years ago. She had a unicorn themed birthday party last year. Her favorite stuffed animal is a giant unicorn. And she refuses to wear any shoe other than her beloved unicorn boots. Suffice to say, she's committed to this love affair.


And I know my little lady is not the only one who continues to worship the mystical unicorn. In all honesty, I kinda love them too! 

Today is National Unicorn Day! Don't know what the means?... Who does?! Still, it's an awesome excuse to celebrate the rainbow-magic creature in all its non-existent glory! And so we've rounded up a few super fun unicorn (fun-icorn?) finds for your kiddos. Enjoy!

The Most Magical Unicorn Finds (1)

1. Unicorn Hopper Toy, $70 / 2. My Fairy Unicorn Garden, $27 / 3. Girls' Unicorn Eye Mask, $11 / 4. Stephen Joseph Unicorn Nap Mat, $60 / 5. Mini Melissa Unicorn Mary Jane Flats, $65/ 6. Fiona Walker Unicorn Head Wall Art, $165 / 7. Popatu Unicorn Trolley Rolling Backpack, $32

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