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I'm not sure where the time went, but somehow 24 months have gone by and I find myself with a freshly minted two-year-old girl. It may sound like a cliché, but I feel like I blinked and she transformed from a helpless little blob of cuteness into a fiercely independent mischief-making imp. Planning a tea party birthday celebration was a milestone event for us. 

Ideas for a Tea Party Birthday Celebration

She's quite the tomboy that baby girl of mine, and I welcome her carefree personality; sweaty hair; marker-painted legs; and dirt-embedded nails. I love that she wants to run and play and get messy; that she wants to rip bows out of her hair and lift her dresses over her head (at least, I'm fine with it for now).

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Where to Get the Best Tea Party Birthday Supplies

Not that she doesn't enjoy getting fancy every once in a while--she just doesn't like taffeta layers impeding her ability to kick a ball or wrestle her big brother (who does?!). As a girlie-girl myself, I enjoy frocks and frills, and that's why I decided to throw my darling doll a TWO-for-tea party birthday brunch. And when I saw the charming tea-party supplies and accessories from Oriental Trading (silly photo props, seating cards, teapot doilies, fans, lollipops, party blowers, and more!), I knew I made the right decision. This was going to be sweet, adorable, and practically effortless!

Five Amazon Tea Party Sets to Consider

  1. Talking Tables Vintage Tea Party Set: Each pack contains 12 stunning paper plates in 3 floral and bird designs. $29.95
  2. Blue Panda Floral Party Set: Sweet pink florals for a true girly-girl. Serves 24. $17.99
  3. Photo Prop Set: 25 pieces for your vintage theme. $9.99
  4. Teapot Party Banners: Two piece set for $9.99
  5. Pink Paper Flowers: Six-piece set will add tons of color to your party without a big budge. $6.99
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Teapot Floral Displays

To add a little elegance to the kitschy-cute table, I got three beautiful teapots at Homegoods and filled them with hot pink roses, and scattered loose petals across the table. (Easy-breezy and totally affordable, I might add!)

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Tea Party Props

Photo props are always a hit. Pearls, hats, saucers, and fancy eyeglass frames add kitsch and humor. I couldn't resist the hat and glove set for my birthday girl. (Pinky up, little lady!) (see above for a set you can get on Amazon).

For her birthday ensemble, I went with a hot-pink Old Navy tutu dress with sparkly leggings, glitter light-up sneakers, and this ridiculous Cat & Jack swan pocketbook--the perfect look for a mid-morning tea party! Who's up for a spot of tea and cucumber sandwiches?

Let us know if you decide on this birthday party theme and how you made it your own.

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