With tomorrow being Cinco de Mayo (celebration of Mexican heritage and pride), we are getting in the festive mood with these awesome cocktail mixers and whipping up the best fresh Margaritas.

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Super Fresh Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe

How I like my Margaritas 

I'm pretty picky about my Margaritas. I like them on the rocks, I like a lot os salt on the rim, and I don't like super sweet mixes. I want my drink a little tart and edgy (well, a lot like my personality). This means, I'm best off making my own.

Since I've been a bit of a shut-in these days due to COVID, I have been looking for reasons to celebrate. A celebration of Mexican pride sounds like a good reason to me.

I started with the best ingredients. Good tequila and super fresh juice from Natalie's. For the last 30 years, Natalie's has been dedicated to authentic nutrition. They craft juices in small batches to ensure freshness. They focus on minimally processed juice. No GMO's. No preservatives. NO artificial ingredients. 

Enjoy 50% juices online using code: LABOROFLOVE valid through 12/31/20 

Super Fresh Margarita Recipe

Ingredients to make one adult beverage

  • 1 Mini tequila/shot

  • ½ cup Natalie’s fresh Margarita Mix

  • ¼ cup Natalie’s fresh lime juice

  • 1c up ice

  • 1 tbsp salt for rim of glass (optional)

  • 1 wedge fresh lime

Super Fresh Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe


  1. Pour salt into a small shallow dish.
  2. Rim glass with fresh lime and twist in salt dish to preferred thickness
  3. Add ice to glass
  4. Pour in Margarita mix and fresh lime juice. 
  5. Add shot of tequila. 
  6. Mix with metal straw
  7. Enjoy!

This results in a tangy delicious drink that's perfect for Cinco de Mayo OR Mother's Day (which is coming up soon). 

Momtrends tip: got a friend who needs a lift? Pack a little cooler with all the ingredients listed above and drop on her doorstep. Then set up a zoom call with her to connect over a tasty drink

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Super Fresh Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe

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