My big guy is having the best time at his little morning summer camp. It's exclusively outdoors on an open field and playground--which means the counselors have to get very creative with sports and activities and fun and games. 

Yes, they craft on a picnic table and play board games under the shade of a tree, but most of the time they're racing and running and being physically active. 

Of course, come pick up time, he isn't ready for the shenanigans to end. And with a little one too young to join the camp festivities, I've been known to create my own afternoon #CampMom in the backyard. I'll invite a few of their friends over for more fun, more sun, and more camp games!


Sponge Game

I had never seen or experienced this game until recently, but, lemme tell you, on a 95-degree day, this fun and refreshing activity brings fun and relief! So, how does it work? Well, first of all you're going to need more than a couple of kids for this one. Have your crew of kiddos form two (or more) lines. At the start of each line, there should be a sponge soaking in a bucket half filled with water. About 10 feet (or more) ahead, there should be an empty bucket for each designated line. At the blow of a whistle, the kid in the front of each line, picks the sponge up out of the filled bucket and passes it--over his head--to the next person in line. It keeps getting passed back in that manner until it reaches the last person in line. That kid then run to the second, empty bucket and squeezes out all the water. He then runs to the front of the line and starts the process over again. After a designated amount of time (or once everyone has gone at least once), you measure to see which team most successfully filled their empty bucket. But the losing team also wins... because, if you're soaked, you're not blazing hot any more!

Relay Races

I recently posted about my son's camp-inspired birthday party, and shared the fun relay races we enjoyed. Three-legged races with bands, potato sack races, baton, and egg-in-spoon races are just a few fun and easy ones that don't require much effort of supplies.

IMG_4839 (1)

Tug of War

Of course a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war is another camp classic. As I previously mentioned though, finding an adequate rope is more challenging than you'd anticipate. The one we used for our camp birthday party was a bit too short, but many others cost a small fortune! You can always split up into teams though-- a few kiddos at a time.

Capture the Flag

Ah, capture the flag is the ultimate camp game! Steal the opposing team's flag and get it to your side and you can claim camp victory for the entire summer!

The GreatestSummer-Camp Games

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