Halloween season is certainly all fun and games but it’s important to know what to do when hazards pop up. Staying safe, being aware, and establishing a plan are all part of ensuring Halloween stays spooky only in the ways it is supposed to! Parents Editor-in-Chief, Liz Vaccariello has shared her tips and tricks that will keep everyone safe and happy on Halloween.


Problem - The costume makes your child hard to spot in the dark

o Solution: Pick out or create light-colored or a bright costume that drivers can easily see. If your child wants to be dark and spooky, decorate the outside of their costume with strips of reflective tape – make sure their treat bag is also outlined in brightly colored, reflective tape.

Problem – Your child’s wearing a costume mask and can’t see well

o Solution: A mask makes it difficult for your child to spot potential hazards when he's near a busy street or near a lot of other children. The mask could also scrape his face and eyes. Consider using non-toxic makeup instead. If he's set on wearing a mask, make sure it's the right size -- the eye and mouth holes should be large enough for him to see and breathe through properly.

Problem – I’m worried about carving pumpkins with my children

o Solution: Dispose of pumpkin seeds and pulp – they are potential choking hazards -- after you scoop them out. Then, make sure you talk to your children about potential pumpkin carving hazards -- cuts, scrapes, burns, or worse -- before you begin the process. And remember to always supervise, especially if using a blade or other sharp objects.

Problem – I’m worried that my child may have an allergic reaction to face paint

o Solution: When you choose Halloween makeup or face paint, be sure that it’s nontoxic. Then do a patch test on a small section of your child’s skin a few days before Halloween to make sure they’re not allergic. If your child starts breaking out in a rash, call a pediatrician immediately.

Problem – I think my child’s candy might be unsafe to eat

o Solution: While Halloween candy-tampering is uncommon, it’s a good idea for you to always inspect your child’s treats after a night of trick or treating. Examine every piece closely and throw out ones that are unwrapped, have tears or pinholes. Always toss hand-wrapped items unless you know the giver. 

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