We're sharing an adorable ski craft created by Ludavia Harvey from our 2018 Ski Guide!

Ski Craft - Complete - Vertical

When the weather isn’t cooperating for a perfect bluebird day, you can still have ski fun. Create this mini snowscape. You can do this craft one-on-one with your child or with a group of kids.


craft sticks (2 per child)

toothpicks (2 per child)

a picture (1 of each child)

construction paper

 foam brush

 acrylic paint

glue stick



Ski Craft - Step Two


Step One. Take a photo of your child wearing snow clothes with his arms stretched out like an airplane. Print the photo at home or at a photo center. Cut the picture of your child out making certain there is no background showing.

Step Two. Set up your child's workstation to paint the craft sticks. I set out a paper plate with the craft sticks, a squirt of paint and a foam brush. I have also used paper bags and butcher paper to cover a work area. Have your child paint the sticks.

Step Three. After the sticks have dried, have your child fold the feet of his picture and glue the feet onto the middle of the sticks.

Step Four. Have your child fold each hand over a toothpick, glue the hands and press firmly over the toothpick. You can even secure it with tape.

Step Five. If your child is like mine and didn't wear shoes in the picture, cut little semi circles out of construction paper to glue over his feet. I even made little mittens to match to glue on the hands. Your child is now a little skier.

Add a looped piece of ribbon to the back of the head of the photo to hang. If it's to remember a fun ski trip, add the date to the back of the craft as a keepsake.


Created by: Ludavia Harvey

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