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I'm going to give myself a little pat on the back. I've survived the first month of this very unusual school year. I've found a few things have been helping me out as my girls take on a split of in person and remote learning. Here are some finds to make distance learning easier.

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Simple Ways to Make Distance Learning Easier

Six Simple Ways to Make Distance Learning Easier

Sometimes you can shop your way out of problems. Here are some solutions to learning from home that you can order online.

  1. Well Kept wipes are ideal for cleaning screens of all types, phones, laptops and ipads. I buy them in multi-packs and dole them out frequently. Get them in bundles here.
  2. Mr. Pen Erasers (set of 6) These erasers come with a cute little cover. The roller feature is genius for cleaning up messes created from "new math." The are the only thing keeping me sane as a most unwilling 7th grade  math teacher. Size Is 2.3 Inch x 1.2 Inch. Get your Mr. Pen Erasers on Amazon here $6
  3. Etsy cord taco. We have so many cords in our house. The current count is five laptops and five mobile phones, not to mention the earbuds and other accessessories. To keep them organized, we use these cute cord tacos I found on Etsy and we label everyone's gear with Mabel's Labels. $8 for a set of two tacos.
  4. Olika Hand Cleaner. Olika hand sanitizers are part of our STAY HEALTHY plan. Unlike the disposal masks I see everywhere on the ground (what a bummer), I’m looking for options that are safe and sustainable. These Olika sanitizers are made sustainably and are refillable. I love them because they comes in great scents AND the girls actually like using them. Get them on Amazon here.
  5. Brother Label Maker. My rule? Label everything. The lightweight, portable P-touch CUBE Plus PT-P710BT uses Bluetooth wireless technology to design and print pre-designed or custom labels up to 24mm (~1 inch) wide from your Apple or Android mobile device or desktop. We've labeled all the school folders with each subject AND file folders too. Get the label maker on Amazon here.
  6. Daily Planner Printable. The girls are task driven, they love crossing things off the list. I found these printables and we use them every day as we are mapping out what needs to happen. Get your download here on Etsy.
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Simple Ways to Make Distance Learning Easier

Two Bonus Support Tools for Moms

  • Distance Learning Support Class for Moms. Healthy Equation's Learning Lab is offering a new mini course to help parents thrive in the new world of digital learning from home. With 5 lessons filled with activities and preparation guides, you’ll have everything you need to start this semester on the right foot. Sign up now and lock in this $97 price.
  • Planner. I love my planner and now I've got my girls hooked too. We like the stickers included in the colorful planners. The 17 Month 2020-2021 Large Daily Planner includes self-care prompts, stickers, goals and tons of cool art. Get your planner here on Amazon.
Simple Ways to Make Distance Learning Easier



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