The Elusive Shasta... {Shopping Matilda Jane}


Almost two years ago, I fell down the rabbit hole that is Matilda Jane. I struggled with the concepts - multiple releases, trunk keepers, wish lists and not enough inventory - but managed to maintain distance and sanity. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, Matilda Jane Clothing unveiled their third Spring 2014 release for "Wonderful Parade." In earlier releases, I had purchased several pairs of leggings, not knowing I was getting items that would sell out and be in great demand. As I said, I've maintained my distance. With the third release, I was seeking coordinating tops. Then I saw IT. The Shasta!

Technically, it is the Talent Show Shasta Top. And it's gorgeous!

 The Talent Show Shasta Top - photo courtesy of Matilda Jane

The Talent Show Shasta Top - photo courtesy of Matilda Jane

It was the one thing I REALLY wanted. And after two years of shopping for and buying Matilda Jane, I got my real education. Here's what I didn't know: Because I'd never run into difficulty purchasing what I wanted, I never realized that Matilda Jane makes limited quantities of its clothing. I never realized that some mamas sit up overnight the day of a release to submit their "wish lists" to trunk keepers in hopes of getting everything they want. I never realized that, because of the limited availability, Matilda Jane has tremendous resale value. And then, there's Platinum...oh don't get me started.

Back to the Shasta. Thinking I was an early bird, I submitted my wish list to my trunk keeper at 8:30 a.m. the morning of April 1st, assuming I'd get all items like always. At about 3 p.m., I start receiving texts from other mamas I know. Frenzied texts indicating The Shasta was gone in 10 minutes. Our trunk keeper didn't get any. I was utterly confused. I didn't get it? Huh? Wha? Then Facebook forums exploded with "did I get it?" queries. Several speculated it was a cruel April Fool's Joke. By 9 p.m. there was a Shasta (which retails for $42) being offered up on a buy-sell-trade site for $375! I have now been educated.

There are rumors. It is said Matilda Jane only made 10 Shastas in each size. It is said they "might" make more in a future release. It is said the hype will blow over and you'll get them on eBay for retail price in a month. It is said this is a "unicorn" product, made elusive on purpose. I'm not sure I'll ever know for sure.

But here's what I do know: My daughter and I love Matilda Jane. My sweet girl is petite, but even she has reached the 6/6X size that magically transports girls from the adorable toddler section of the store containing florals, tutus and ruffles to the glittered, cropped, rock star section that I loathe. Matilda Jane provides clothing that honors what girls need and want - age appropriate clothing that makes them feel good.

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In our two years since the first Matilda Jane review for The Shopping Mama, we have mixed and matched our Matilda Jane (no, we are not MJ purists),

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we have been active in Matilda Jane,

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and we have made friends who wear Matilda Jane.

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I also know that for each newbie mama like me, who was left "dazed and confused" by yesterday's activity, there are many veteran Matilda Jane fans who welcome back the challenge of limited quantities and the excitement of release day. I also now know my wish list has been fulfilled each time because I have a wonderful trunk keeper in Stacie Hamsley. Finally, I know a community of women, who in their love of a similar product, form fierce bonds and help each other in quests for the right pieces. With the help of social media, those bonds extend far beyond clothing to aid and advice in every realm of mommyhood.

We still love you Matilda Jane, as we continue our chase for "the elusive Shasta."

P.S. I'd love to hear about your "Matilda Jane education" in the comments below.

P.S.S. I do realize that the folks at Matilda Jane Clothing are both creative and marketing geniuses. Articles like this one make them chuckle with pride.

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