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It’s been a long summer for this four-year-old girl. Her summer enrichment program wrapped on the first of August; so, while her brother is still off living that big-kid camp life every day from 9 AM to 4 PM, she’s stuck at home stifled by the relentlessly monotonous schedule of her almost-five-month-old sister. Suffice to say, she’s “BOOOOOORRRRRRED”—and I hear about it pretty much nonstop.

I’ve been trying (operative word) to limit the screens and encourage more creative endeavors; but, after a few consecutive weeks of the same ole toys and same ole art supplies and same ole same old, she’s—how do I put it—OVER IT.


I want her to play freely and imaginatively and use that uniquely awesome little brain of hers. After all, she’ll be off to “big-kid school” in a matter of days, where learning through interactive play is the name of the game. But, I get it: sometimes you need a new toy or two to spark inspiration, to stir up ingenuity, to tap that unlimited potential. So, to celebrate this milestone transition—and keep my sass monster engaged in play, I introduced her to Kindi Kids, a line of rainbow-inspired dolls, accessories, and playthings meant to encourage fun, foster friendship and make the first day of school a bit less scary.

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Meet Penelope’s new Kindi Kids bestie, Donatina. She’s the absolute sweetest with her pink hair, glittery doe eyes, agreeable bobble head, and darling headband. But her best accessory of all: that bowl of pink donut-cereal! Penelope loves to feed her Kindi Kids pal; and she can’t get over how Donatina can magically eat the cereal off her spoon. Naturally, Donatina is a regular at the breakfast table—and I get such a kick out of watching my little girl invent pretend-play social scenarios for them. Just the other day, she proclaimed it was snack time on the first day of school. She introduced herself, struck up a conversation, and shared her snack. It was the cutest—and it warmed my heart to see my little lady “practicing” for school.

Donatina is just one of the Kindi Kids dolls; there’s also Peppa-Mint, Jessicake, and Marsha-Mello, my personal favorite—she comes with her very own cake pop to nibble on. Of course, there are also a few interactive playsets—like this colorful supermarket—to incite pretend play. It features a "Shop 'n' Drop" conveyer belt, Kitty Scanner, and register; plus Shopkins and coins. Penelope likes to imagine she’s the local grocer and all the Kindi Kids are her loyal customers.

My soon-to-be student has been contentedly at play with her Kindi Kids; and I’m so happy to see her learn and grow through independent and interactive play—skills I know will serve her well in school.

In fact, I’m planning on getting her a new Kindi Kids friend to celebrate the first day of school. I know she’s a bit nervous to make friends in a big new building; and a sweet new Snack Time BFF will be a reward she’ll cherish on such a big day and the nod of encouragement she needs to know that Mama has her back… and so does her Kindi Kid.

Check out Kindi Kids, here:

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