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Fun Cereal Art Projects

Play With Your Breakfast Food

I'm running out of ideas here, friends. We're on Day 3 of "social distancing" and let's just say I don't have a second career as a homeschool mama-teacher. This gig is challenging. 

To add fuel to the fire, there's the fact that I don't have a lot of "things" for the kiddos to do. Sure, we have our regular toys and building blocks and books and papers and crayons, but if I had known we were going to be stuck at home for an extended period of time I would have bought #alltheprojects. Yes, of course, Amazon is a life saver and I have already ordered a plethora of crafting materials and kits, but until they arrive (delays abound!), I have had to get mighty creative. 

One thing I do have plenty of: cereal. While we were doing our "not-quite quarantine" grocery shopping, I decided to purchase a few boxes of sugar cereal. My kids normally aren't allowed to eat these breakfast treats--chock full of marshmallows and chocolate and food coloring--so I thought that a few boxes of these sweet cereals would add an element of excitement to this confusing stuck-at-home situation of ours.

Besides having a sugar-high after breakfast, we're pretty happy with our grocery purchase. It turns out, you can use sugar cereal for a lot of things--other than breakfast. Just yesterday morning, I used the green four-leaf clover marshmallows in my box of Lucky Charms to dye the toilet water green (that sneaky St. Paddy's Day leprechaun!). And when our designated art time class came, I decided to have them freely make pictures with rainbow Fruit Loops. They had the best time--and, even more awesome, I didn't need to give them a snack--they just ate their projects (ha!). They loved it so much that today we decided to make Cheerio and Fruit Loop jewelry. Win-win. 


In case you need some cereal inspiration, I've rounded up a few things you can do with your fave varietals. And if you don't *usually* allow sugar cereals in your house, start an order on Amazon Fresh--you're going to need lots of activities and snacks to get through these next few weeks. Good luck!

Cereal Art and Learning Projects

Cereal-Box Self Portraits via Happy Hooligans

Crushed-Cereal Color Art via Raising Kinley

Cereal Art on Toast via Craftulate

Fruit Loop Ratio Math via To The Square Inch

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Cereal Graphing via Play to Learn Preschool

Cereal Necklace via My Recipes

Fun and Delicious Cereal Recipes

Bunny Bait Cereal Snack Mix via Chelsea's Messy Apron

Fruit Pebble Mini Cheesecakes via A Pumpkin and a Princess

Cereal Donuts via Sprinkles for Breakfast

Vegan Milk and Cereal Cake via Rabbit and Wolves

Colorful Cereal Greek-Yogurt Frozen Bars

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