As summer winds down and back to school season approaches, parents are gearing up for the challenges that come with packing a lunch for their kids that’s nutritious, easy, and of course, fun! I can attest that slinging lunches at 6 AM is my least favorite part of the morning hustle. I've got picky eaters, and making options that they'll actually eat is a challenge to say the least. And I know I'm not the only mama who feels this pain point. That's why we tapped nutritionist Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, MS, RD, CDN, to share how you can make healthy midday meals for your kiddos.

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Sampling of School-Lunch Essentials:

  • Vegetables: It’s an old-age problem: kids not eating vegetables. Since children love to play with their food, try cutting up veggies into dipping strips and invite them to try different dips, from hummus and tahini to ranch dressing and guacamole.
  • Fruits: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so try to include a serving of fruit for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that growing bodies need.
  • Protein: Mix it up with a plant-based protein, like Banza’s new Alphabet Pasta. Ideal for a quick, nutritious lunch, with nearly double the protein, three times the fiber and 30% fewer net carbs than traditional pasta, Banza’s new alphabet shapes are sure to be a hit with your little ones!
  • Healthy Snacks: While these shouldn’t be the main item in your kid’s lunchbox, it’s ok to pack healthy, whole grain snacks, like air-popped popcorn or treats with natural sugars, like fruit strips or yogurt. 

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