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Nor'easter Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

Last Minute Ideas in Case You, Too, Have a Snow Day! (Thanks, Quinn)

The wind is howling the rain is pelting the snow is falling... somehow all at the same time! It's a noreaster and one last big blast of winter here on the East Coast. Schools are closed, and the kids are home. Keep cabin-fever struck kiddos entertained and engaged with a few easy apropos activities.


Make a Blizzard Plate: This one last smack of snow gives you the perfect excuse to make this super awesome blizzard plate! It's a super easy craft the kids can do entirely on their own-so you can catch a break and have some mommy snow-day time to yourself. (Well for 20 minutes give or take!)


Go Sledding: Bundle up, grab a tube, or sleigh and prepare for a slippery downhill adventure--well, at least, once the wind calms. We rounded up a few favorite snow toys and sleds for your winter-wonderlanding pleasure.

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snow sign

Make a SNOW Sign: This sweet snow sign is so festive and fun, and the kids will have a blast making it. Just a few supplies are necessary--so warm up the hot-glue gun and let's get crafty.


Warm Up With Hot Chocolate: What would a snow day be without hot chocolate? Stay cozy and get those warm and fuzzy feelings with a steamy mug of something rich, creamy, and sweet.

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