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Where were subscription boxes when my kids were babies? I got in on the trend when they were small, but had they been around when they were infants I would have been all in then too. Haha! They offer new moms (and dads) a way to save time and money. And they make great gifts!

There is something so fun about digging into a box of surprises. I actually started ordering subscription boxes for myself and enjoyed them so much I knew I had to test them out for my kids too.

I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that they loved them as well. So, you can believe me when I say people of all ages will have a blast with subscription boxes. That includes expecting and new parents.

How to Choose a Baby Subscription Box

Happily, there is a slew of baby subscription boxes out there and more debuting all the time. How many subscription boxes does the world need you ask? For me, it will never be enough. BWAH!

Whether you want baby toys, clothes, bathtime products, or even books, the baby subscription boxes in today’s edition of Baby Gear Momtrends MVP’s has you covered! The only trick will be narrowing down which box you need. As much as I obsess over subscription boxes I have to reign myself in a little and not order ALL of them. Haha!

The key is to pick a box that’s in line with your interests. Are you an avid reader? Then you know you’re going to be so excited to see which new baby and kiddo books are in your box. Maybe you’re a gearhead. In that case, the latest and greatest in baby gear is more your speed right?

On that note, let’s talk about my current favorite boxes...

Best Educational Baby Toys Subscription Box

books, rattles and flashcards and toys with baby box

Lovevery’s mode is playtime with purpose and I just love that. They carefully curate a box full of playthings specific to the stage your baby is in. In their play kits, you will find tools that can help your baby’s developmental and brain development.

I know when we think about educational toys we typically think about older kids, but I love that the team behind Lovevery is focused on developing those skills from the get-go!

Get the Lovevery box here

Best Baby Food Subscription Box

hand spooning orange, yellow and green baby food

When my daughter was a baby she fully preferred homemade baby food to the jarred stuff. And I was happy to make it when I had the time, but I also had a very busy four-year-old, and a career, so there were times she just had to eat the pre-made food. With a service like Little Spoon, parents can count on the delivery of freshly made organic baby food every week.

I can’t get over the rotating menu. Thanks to it, your little eater gets exposed to different types of flavors. The more they experiment, the less picky the palette in my experience.

Sign up for Little Spoons here

Best Subscription Box for Pregnant Parents

pink box filled with pregnancy products like morning sickness pops and nausea bands

If ever there is ever a time to celebrate yourself it’s when you’re expecting. Pregnancy is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s magical from start to finish and sometimes it’s just really hard. No matter how you feel, a special surprise will make your day. And Bump boxes are chock full of special surprises for pregnant people.

I think it’s so great that the surprises in your box correlate to which stage, or trimester, of your pregnancy that you’re in. The first-trimester box, for instance, comes with products to help face morning sickness, fatigue, and the like!

Head here for Bump Boxes

Best Baby Book Subscription Box

box filled with board baby books

One of my earliest memories is of my mom reading to me. She always made books a big priority from day one and I’m better for it. I strive to do the same with my own kids. And that means I have spent a lot of time researching and looking for books for them. How handy would it be to have a carefully curated selection of books specific to your child’s age delivered every month? And that’s not all. The boxes also come with parent guides complete with tips for how to use the books to foster pre-literacy development and activity suggestions to keep the lesson going.

I love that you customize your delivery according to whether you prefer board books, paperbacks, hardcovers, or even a mix.

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Best Baby Samples Box

cardboard box next to baby product samples like cuties, aquaphor, prevail etc.

When you first find out you’re pregnant, all of the products available to you can feel overwhelming. It’s the same when your baby is born. If you aren’t making your baby’s food, how do you know which baby food to buy? Samples are your best friend. Try out a free Noobie Baby Food Box to get your hands on several different kinds at once! So, it’s not technically a subscription, but it’s a box so I’m going to count it. Bwah!

I know I already included baby food, but the reason I love the Noobie Box so much is that they also offer a free pregnancy box filled with product samples for both expecting parents and their babies! So, you’ll have some samples on hand to try out when the baby comes.

Sign up for Noobie Box here

Best Baby Fashion Subscription Box

box filled with baby outfits like a white and blue sleeper

I am the mom of two kiddos who had baby eczema, so I am especially sensitive about what type of clothing my kids wear even to this day. The moms behind Surprisly had parents like me in mind when they created their baby fashion box that only includes clothing made from 100% cotton.

Not only do I love their sensitivity to allergies and such, but I also love that these boxes come with different types of outfits like one for going out, one for play, and one to sleep in. We all need boxes like that, bwah!

Get the Surprisly box here

Best Eco Baby Subscription Box

box filled with eco-friendly products like organic swaddles, baby food pouches etc.

If you follow a green lifestyle, you want an eco-friendly subscription box right? At Ecocentric Mom you can pick a box full of organic, sustainable, and toxin-free pregnancy and baby products. They include everything from baby food, to swaddles and even beauty products.

I am not ashamed to admit that I firmly believe in the treat yourself philosophy. That doesn’t mean every treat has to be extravagant. And treats mean something different to everyone else. But just a little indulgence to say to yourself, job well done, can make all the difference. So, I love that this company has a pampered mama box option. Enough said!

Head to Ecocentric Mom here.

Best Baby Diapers and Wipes Subscription Box

camper, desert and woodland printed diapers on green geomtric rug

It is no secret that Honest Co. has the cutest diapers around. The prints and patterns are beyond precious. And their super-absorbent, eco-friendly diapers actually work too. That’s the most important part! Now I remember ordering them for my babies and running out so fast. If only they had a subscription box...but wait, they do now! And you get wipes with it too. Score!

For me, the best part about this subscription is saying goodbye to the fear of running out. Each delivery comes with 7 packages of diapers and 3 packs of wipes!

Get your Honest Diapers and Wipes Subscription

Well, I think that gives you a good amount of subscriptions to mull over, don’t you?! And remember, baby subscription boxes make great gifts too!

Stay tuned for our next Baby Gear Momtrends MVPs list…

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