It never ceases to amaze me that I can't leave the house without a barrage of stuff. From my older daughter's dolls to the essentials for my baby, my stroller is often packed to the brim with diapers, wipes, jackets and food. We are definitely not in the traveling light stage. I also have to carry a bag (and somehow always end up with bags from errands), which I try not to place on my shoulder since I don't want to be weighted down when I have to push a stroller and hold my older daughter's hand. To help me out, I have been using The Mommy Hook, a versatile stroller accessory that hooks on a stroller to hold several bags.

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The Mommy Hook: A Must-Have Stroller Accessory

Created by the Mom, Dad and Baby company, the Mommy Hook works by easily clipping onto the handle of almost any stroller or shopping cart. It creates a place to hang all the gear that travels with on-the-go families with young children. I loved using the on my stroller that doesn't have hooks where my bags can hang. I simply open the latch and place my bag for a quick and easy hold. I love that it doesn't weight down the stroller and keeps my hands free. I've also used the Mommy Hook independently where I placed a collection of bags in the loop and held onto the hook for a less awkward and lighter carrying option.

Dubbed as "a real lifesaver" The Mommy Hook is crafted from durable aluminum and is cushioned with a rubber sleeve to keep it from sliding. Diaper bags, shopping bags, camera bags, purses, groceries, sports gear and more can be hooked onto a shopping cart or stroller handle, making them easy to carry and easy to reach.

I also loved that The Mommy Hook transitions effortlessly from stroller to shopping cart to luggage cart--a simple, practical way to keep everything organized and secure. Perfect for new moms as well as parents with toddlers, The Mommy Hook is a favorite gift for baby showers and holidays.


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