Make the Most of a March Rain Day

Don't Worry, Though... Spring Is Coming
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March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, right?

Welcome to a confusing month! The weather is going to be all over the map here on the east coast, but that's okay--if it means spring is approaching! Yes, the official countdown is on, and we're ready for longer, sunnier days! 

But first... rain! We've may have some serious showers on the forecast here in the metropolitan area, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this time! We have a few ideas for making the most of this wet and wild lion-like month! 

hunter boots

1. Get the Right Gear: Who says you have to stay indoors during a soggy weekend? We love going outside in our rain gear, jumping in puddles, and embracing the messy, muddy fun! What's even more exciting: Target just announced the upcoming launch of a capsule collection with Hunter! Yes, mama's favorite foul-gear brand is coming to mama's favorite mass retailer. Boots, bags, and jackets will retail for between $5 and $80--so you can sing and dance and play in the rain in the most stylish of gear. You'll have to wait until April 7 though, when the line hits stores and online. 

2. Hit the Museum: No cabin fever here! We refuse to stay home when it's not-so nice out! In fact, we love hitting our local children's museum, library, or even mall! We make the fun!

3. Take a Break for Ice Cream: Who says you need sunshine and heat for a good ole swirl of soft serve? We've been getting a head start on ice-cream season! When we need trick ourselves into believe it's a nice day outside, we go for a frozen treat. It us feeling those summer vibes in no time!


4. Movie Camp Out: When the wind is howling and the rain is pouring, we get out all blankets, make some popcorn, bake some cookies and have a movie marathon. Nothing beats some family cuddles on a blustery March night... don't worry though, spring is coming! 


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