Little-Lady Arm Candy

Chic Accessories for Your Mini-Me
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little girl pocketbook

This little lady did some serious spending damage this past weekend. Tis the season to be browsing and shopping and splurging in style, after all. Seriously, I couldn't say no to her cute little face at the holiday store. She wanted ornaments and decorations and all sorts of unnecessary but totally festive trinkets and knickknacks and gadgets and gizmos. And with her own pint-sized pocketbook in tow, she'd march right up to the counter and "pay" for everything. Or, rather, she'd pull out her Elsa LipSmackers and look at me for help and monetary assistance. 

girl bag

Her wannabe itty-bitty Hermes bag gives me serious case of heart-eyes. And the way she carries it without a hint of irony absolutely slays me. 

I love me a good mini-me style, and girlie handbags are a definite weak spot for this fashion loving mama... and so I couldn't resist the temptation to round up a few seasonal faves! These cutie-pie arm candy accessories are great for all your little one's holiday shindigs! 

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