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Lily Jade Caroline Designer Diaper Bag


Most diaper bags can easily fall into one of two categories: functional or beautiful. Very rarely does a diaper bag manage to achieve both, let alone absolutely conquer both form and utility, as the Lily Jade Caroline diaper bag does.

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The Lily Jade diaper bag is a brilliant combination of a luxe bag made of soft, premium leather and a removable inner baby bag with tons of organization. That means you can invest in Lily Jade and start using it as a diaper bag from your child's birth and as he grows you can remove the canvas inner bag when you no longer need a million and a half pockets. Plus, as a true bonus for moms, the inner bag is washable to easily erase all traces of sippy cup leakage.

Okay, so there aren't a million and a half pockets - it just feels that way. The inner bag snaps to both sides of the diaper bag to keep it in place, creating three separate compartments in addition to the 16 pockets on the inner bag. The weight of your things and the snaps on the side keep the inner bag secure in place; I was worried about things getting lost underneath the bottom of the organization bag, but that isn't an issue. Although, I'm not going to lie: I once spent 10 minutes searching my house for my phone which I had already put in my bag. There are just so many pockets and storage options that I didn't look through them all before I started looking around the house.

The Caroline Diaper Bag is a great size for a diaper bag but not too large to use on a daily basis as your handbag. It has all the details you'd expect on a premium handbag:

  • Silver hardware and zipper
  • Silver studs on bag base
  • Leather trimmed large zipper pocket, two medium pockets and key clip
  • Front outer zipper pocket is embossed with Lily Jade branding and is ideal for keys or your important smaller items
  • Lined with our signature red premium, durable cotton canvas fabric
  • Dimensions: 11” height x 7” width x 18” length
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Lily Jade Caroline Diaper Bag

The Caroline Bag can be worn with the two shoulder handles or as a crossbody bag with the long adjustable strap. You can also remove the longer strap if you don't want to wear it that way. I absolutely love how long the crossbody strap can extend so I can wear it lower at a comfortable position for me.

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Shop!Lily Jade diaper bags are available for purchase online at The Caroline Bag is $375 (currently on sale for $305) and the Madeline Bag is $395 (currently on sale for $315). We are also excited to share a discount code! Use holiday20 at checkout for 20% off the sale price.


Lily Jade is a new mom gift pick in The Shopping Mama Holiday Shopping Guide.

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