I wasn't a huge Halloween fan--until I had kids. Now it competes for a top spot as my absolute favorite holiday. My littles get so excited the whole month leading up to Oct. 31. They want to watch not-so-scary scary movies, read chilling books, do all the carving crafts, bake all the ghoulish goodies, and eat all the candy! Their enthusiasm is infectious.--and I have to admit: I'm almost as eager to "BOO-ze" my friends as they are to BOO their school buddies. 

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Of course, the Halloween costume conversation begins early in our household. This year, I started hearing whispers of inspiration around mid-July! My "big" kiddos had seen the live-action Aladdin movie, and decided we should all dress up as characters (somehow I got cast as Jafar!). Fortunately for me, my preschooler changed her mind. In September, she proclaimed that she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. And not a pretty friendly witch. We're talking full green face, prosthetic nose, and hairy mole! Ha! She made that decision and stuck with it! A week out from Halloween, and she's still pumped about it. Good thing too, because now the whole family is going "classic Halloween!."


I love a good family costume theme! Last year we went as Zombies from the Disney movie. The year before, we were a fast-food family! Our community is big on Halloween, so lots of families dress up together--and you might as well do it while they're young and before they get super opinionated (ha!). 

Another great option (and oldie but a goodie--and especially relevant with the release of the sequel) is the Incredibles family. You can easily purchase Incredibles costumes in the store--or you can ditch the expensive store-bought costumes and make your own! Here's how!


Easy DIY Incredibles Costumes for the Whole Family

  1. Incredibles Logo Shirts. Get plain red short-sleeve t-shirts for each member of the family. Find the Incredibles Logo online and visit a print shop to use their iron-on machine to put the logo on each shirt. The total cost for the five shirts could run about $90. You could easily do this at home if you print the logo on iron-on transfer paper. Google The Incredibles logo to find the best image for your needs. (Tip: An image with the png extension will have a clear background which will look better on a red shirt.)
  2. Masks. Purchase masks for the adults and big kids at a Halloween costume store. 
  3. With your shirts and masks, shop your closets or hit up Amazon for Black Leggings or sweats and long-Sleeve black tees

And there you have it--a super-easy thrown-together family halloween costumes. Meet The Incredibles!


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