Fluffy slime (or any slime) is not only fun to make and play with, it's also for a great way to pique a child's interest in science. After all, the ingredients work together to actively create a textural reaction! 

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All you need to do is mix up three key ingredients with the little food-coloring dye of your choice, and you'll be splaying with fluffy slime in no time. 

FYI: This recipe is a little stickier than other slime concoctions, but it can easily come off your kids’ skin by sliding or rolling their hands together. It will stick to fabric, but can also be removed by sliding or rolling it. To be safe, have the kids wear old t-shirts and if you have carpet, put an old towel or sheet down.

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Ingredients for Fluffy Slime

1 cup of glue

3 cups of shaving cream

5+ tbsp contact solution*

A few drops of food coloring

*Note: The contact solution must contain boric acid as an active ingredient. Most brands contain boric acid, but definitely double-check the label. 

Instructions for making Fluffy Slime

1. Empty your glue into a large bowl and add the food coloring little by little, mixing until you get your desired color.

2. Add the shaving cream and mix well. The mixture will start to get very thick and fluffy.

3. Now you are ready to add in your “slime activator” – the contact solution. Add it in little by little, and keep stirring until you start getting the slime consistency. Add smaller and smaller amounts towards the end.

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