How to Make a Blizzard Plate

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Our local library is incredible. Almost every weekend, they host a free art, STEM, or learning workshop for the kids in our small community. They get to make crafts, build towers, and socialize with friends--and there's almost always a take-home treasure. 

A few weeks ago, my five year old got to take a class with Dog-vinci. That's right, a therapy dog taught him and 25 other kids how to paint abstractly on canvas. It was pawsome (ha). Earlier in the season, we were able to create a waist-high structure using raw spaghetti and marshmallows. And, most recently, we made a "blizzard plate."

I was amazed with the results--and excited to hang it up on our growing gallery wall. (Sorry, dude you can't eat off my new work of art!) 

I thought I'd share the super simple instructions so that you and your budding masterpiece makers can create your own blizzard plates at home too. This would be a great snow-day project, should we get one more last blast of winter!



Glass plate (you can also use plastic)


Various sequins, stars, snowflakes, and other decorative embellishments

Crafting Glue


Sponge (cut into quarters)


Turn the plate upside down--so you're working on the bottom side

Place dots of glue wherever you want to position a sequin or embellishment

Dip your paintbrush in glue and evenly spread a coating over each sequin or embellishment

Dip your sponge into paint and tap on the plate to provide a textured effect. You can use one color or choose many; create a pattern or randomly sponge paint the entire back of the plate

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