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You know, besides wadding it up and throwing it in a closet.

I am always so thrilled to get an invitation to a baby shower. To me, it means another new miracle, chubby cheeks, mesmerizing eyes and roly-poly thighs. I love to pick out gifts and cards for the mom and baby-to-be. While I love giving gifts, I also love giving helpful advice, like how to fold a fitted crib sheet.

One of my favorite cards sports a greeting something along these lines: "Babies are wonderful! Even the laundry is cuter!" The card features a clothes line full of onesies, bibs, socks, booties, and hats. 

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Even the Laundry is Cuter

No where on that clothes line is there a fitted baby sheet. That's because it bares a striking resemblance to the other fitted sheets in our lives that are so frustrating to fold, we resort to wadding them up and pushing them between crisp flat sheets and pillow cases and hoping no one will notice. Until now.

There are two easy ways to fold a fitted sheet (crib or otherwise) and make it look just as tailored in your linen closet as the rest of the sheet set. Demonstrating with a crib sheet is easier because it is smaller, but you can use these methods with any size.

How to Fold a Fitted Crib Sheet

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Lay the sheet out finished side down with the seamed corners allowed to lay flat. This will form a nice rectangle and you will be able to find four corners very easily. Grab two corners and fold them over on top of the other two.

  1. Lay out the sheet, finished side down.
  2. Tidy up the sides.
  3. Fold in half, making four corners meet. At this point you can see how you are already miles ahead of the "wadding technique."
  4. Then simply continue folding in halves or thirds.
  5. Add to your pretty linen closet or display shelf.

Many people wonder if they are to fold sheets in halves or thirds. The answer is: Either! You fold the sheet in halves OR thirds, whichever will produce the right size to fit neatly wherever you store it.

How to Fold a Fitted Crib Sheet


This is "Martha's Method" for folding a fitted sheet and I had the privilege of seeing her demonstrate it during her last appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show this past fall. This method is also featured on her website. To begin, you place your hands in two corners of the sheet turned inside out.

  1. Slip hands into two corners of the sheet that are turned inside out.
  2. Bring the remaining two corners of the sheet up and slip them over your hands, right side out. The sheet is now folded in half with the corners tucked inside one another, finished side exposed on both sides.
  3. Lay the sheet out and tidy up the edges.
  4. As in method one, continue folding in halves or thirds until the finished product will fit your storage space.


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