Nothing beats playing in the dirt with your kids and now is the time to plan a family garden project. We've got some green gardening ideas that bring both city and country kids outside to learn about the earth, and have some fun.

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Four Garden Projects for Kids

Four Garden Projects for Kids

Savvy moms know that gardening's not just for grown-ups. Many families start a veggie garden and have the kids pitch in. Here are some other gardening craft projects to inspire a young gardener.

  1. Open a "Ladybug Inn": One way for your kids to get acquainted with the industrious ladybug is to gather a few from your garden and put them up indoors for a couple of days in a see-through ladybug inn. Get instructions here
  2. Rock Garden: Get the kids involved in a special project that can turn a corner of your garden into a play area that sparks imagination. Get inspired by this little mushroom village from
  3. Create a Gourd Birdhouse: Gourds prove that nature has a sense of humor: their wild markings, eye-popping colors, and space-alien shapes transform the late-summer garden into a natural amusement park. If you've considered growing gourds but wondered what in the world to do with them, this project will answer your question--and please the birds in the process. Get instructions from
  4. Make a teepee out of beans: This summer build a fun and edible fort. A kid-friendly classic for edible gardens, a bean teepee is effectively a structure that provides a trellis for vines and an outdoor playroom for children. Turn a trellis into a teepee by arranging bamboo stakes in a circle — with a section left out as an entrance — and securing the stakes at the top with garden twine. Plant beans, sweet peas or other climbers around the outside of the teepee and train them to grow up the sides. Get instructions here


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