Doona Infant Carseat That Converts to a Stroller

When this came on the scene in 2014 it was a big deal and something parents applauded. The innovative Doona Carseat Stroller combo is a real life saver.

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Doona Infant Carseat That Converts To A Stroller!

While we love low-tech solutions for kids (especially toys), we also love innovation when it comes to transporting tots.

Are you an urban mom?

Do you like to travel with your kids?

Then get excited because this product will be right up your alley! City moms will love the Doona since it can easily transform for the car as a carseat to a stroller for the sidewalks. It folds up in a neat little package and we're pretty smitten.

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The Doona infant carseat easily converts to a stroller with integrated wheels that pop out and viola your carseat is now a stroller . Perfect for on-the-go babies and their mamas. This is a new take on the travel system. We've seen them on the streets and in the airport and they are a great addition if you plan to fly a lot.

Doona Infant Carseat Features

  • All one piece
  • Stowaway wheels
  • Option for carseat base or secure with seatbelt in car
  • Engineered from the ground up like bugaboo strollers
  • Optional accessories include rain-cover, attachable diaper bag and more
  • Doona comes in six fashionable colors.

Imagine how handy this would be while traveling, whether you're hopping in and out of a cab, using a metro system, or strolling through the airport. You'll have one less piece of baby equipment to lug around and worry about.

Check out the video below to see the Doona stroller in action:


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