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Who needs store-bought cards. This is the year of DIY. When I was a kid, I don't think I got a single homemade Valentine's Day card. Everyone just bought whatever pre-made character-laden cards came at the store and taped a piece of candy on. (No judgment if that's what you're planning on doing this year.) But now, Pinterest and the crafters of the blogosphere have upped the ante for V-day. We've rounded up our favorite Valentine's Day cards and hope you get inspired.

Get more card and craft inspiration from our Pinterest round up here.

Whether you are kind of crafty or should not be trusted with a pair of scissors, are looking for treat-free Valentine's ideas or tried and tested cards by yours truly, I've rounded up some great ideas for homemade, DIY Valentine's cards.

Crafty Valentines

D.I.Y. Valentine's Day Cards

Feeling crafty? From the craft novice to the craft superstar (hello Martha Stewart homemade fabric fortune cookies!), Valentine's Day is the perfect time to let your inner crafter have some fun with your kids. So pull out the glitter. Unstick that glue cap. It's time to get crafty. {Sewn hearts \ Sign language hand \ Fortune cookie \ Thumbprint heart \ Handprint heart \ Candy robot}

Treat-free Valentines

Candy-Free Valentines

Looking to limit sweets this Valentine's Day? Try a treat-free Valentine that still shares the love without sharing any sugar. I'm loving these DIY ideas with heart-shaped mazes, friendship bracelets, bouncy balls, glow sticks and pencils. (Bonus! Many of these offer free printables! Click through.)

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Just Add Candy

Cute Crafty Valentines

Short on time? I love these fairly simple options that all come with free printables. Print out, add candy and pat yourself on the back for a V-day card well done. {O-fish-ally Be Mine \ Butterfly Blowpop \ Bursting with Happiness \ Dino-mite}

Tried & True Valentines

Ready to Craft?

Finally, one last set of Valentines for you to consider. My name is Kate Bayless - and I am not crafty. BUT - even I was able to successfully accomplish these DIY Valentine's cards shown above in the past few years with my kids. If you are a card-carrying member of the Uncrafty Club with me, take comfort in the fact that these truly are doable. [Thumbprint bookmarks \ You're Grrrrreat! }

Happy Valentine's Day card making!


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Use Pinterest to save your favorite ideas for Valentine's Day. Be sure to follow our Valentine's board here.

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