DIY Bobsled Winter Olympics Craft

Make this Winter Olympics Craft for some added fun while watching bobsledding events with your kids. It's simple and interactive--sure to be a hit with the littles!
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We are so excited about watching the Winter Olympics this year. We have been looking up the different sports to see which ones our kiddos are into watching.

My son's favorite is bobsledding. He thinks it looks like so much fun.

To keep him excited about it, I decided we should do a Winter Olympics craft together, so they can play with a bobsled while watching and cheering on the bobsledders.

Make one too! Read on for our super-easy DIY.

Bobsled DIY Winter Olympics Craft - Pinterest

DIY Bobsled Winter Olympics Craft - Materials

  • small cardboard tube
  • 2 craft sticks
  • straw
  • foam brush
  • white and black paint
  • blue, yellow, green and red paint
  • scissors
  • hot glue and gun
  • paper bag
  • small toy

DIY Bobsled Winter Olympics Craft - Instructions

Step One. Set up your child's workstation. Lay out a paper bag, cardboard tube, foam brush and white paint. Put a dab of white paint directly onto the paper bag for your child to use.

Winter Olympics Craft - Workstation

Step Two. Have your child paint the cardboard tube white. Let it dry.

Step Three. Rinse off the foam brush with water. Dry it off with a paper towel. Set out the 2 craft sticks, foam brush and black paint on the paper bag.

Step Four. Have your child paint the craft sticks black. Let them dry.

Step Five. Hot glue the craft sticks to the cardboard tube to resemble a bobsled.

Step Six. Next, cut a small square out of the top of the cardboard tube (big enough for your child's favorite small toy to sit in). To cut a square: fold the top of the cardboard tube slightly and cut a small slit with your scissors. Unfold the tube, stick your scissors in the slit and cut out a square.

Step Seven. Hot glue the front of the bob sled together.

Winter Olympics Craft - Craft Sticks

Step Eight. Cut the straw into 3 pieces. Take the lid off your blue paint and dip one end of a straw piece into the blue paint in the lid. Stamp the side of the cardboard tube. Flip it around and stamp the other side.

Step Nine. Repeat step 8 with the remaining colors of the Olympic rings using different ends of the straw pieces. The order for the first row is blue, black and red. The second row is yellow and green. Let it dry. Here is the Winter Olympics Logo for reference. Or copy the one below:

Winter Olympics Craft - Bobsled

Now, you have a bobsled for your child to play with during the Winter Olympics! Have your child pick out her favorite small toy and put it in the bobsled for pretend play.

Winter Olympics Craft - Bobsled with Toy

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Created by: Ludavia Harvey

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