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Here's how it works with babies, they look adorable but make a big mess. You've most likely spent a fortune on baby clothes (or your parents have--we love grandparents!). To protect this investment you're going to need burp cloths. And lots of them.

Fact: Babies barf. Some babies barf ALL THE TIME. New moms should never be without a burp cloth (or maybe two). A good burp cloth should be large and absorbent-- and please demand all cotton. I found these great ones from Milk Barn Kids.

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How to use a burp cloth:

  • Put one over your shoulder for burping.
  • Keep one handy while feeding for little spit ups.
  • Use them to breastfeed incognito.
  • In a pinch, they make a fine make shift changing station.

Just because this item is highly functional doesn't mean it has to look boring. Quite the opposite: a favorite hip designer Milk Barn Kids is turning out retro cool accessories. 

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Why I Love These Burp Cloths

Check out this awesome kerchief style from Milk Barn Kids.  Founder, Stacy Phillips started Milkbarn in 2006. When I had my first daughter in 2005, I quickly stumbled on the brand and they became favorites.

Phillips started the brand like so many other baby businesses -- at home because she wanted something better for her kids. Now a decade later, she's still brimming with inspiration.


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