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Have a bookworm in the family? Or a struggling reader you want to encourage? Creating a cozy reading nook somewhere in your house is a great way to provide a dedicated space designed for digging into a good book. Here are the three elements of a good reading space and a few swoon-worthy reading nooks to give you inspiration.

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3 Elements of a Good Reading Nook

There are a few key elements to a good reading nook: a cozy seat, the display of books and functional (and maybe fun!) lighting. Of course, a good selection of books helps too. Build up your own collection of favorite tales by making it a gift request for holidays, making it a family tradition to get one new classic book each birthday, or hitting up eBay for lots of kid books. Here are the other things you'll need to create a cozy reading nook.

A Cozy Seat to Snuggle In To

Create a reading nook - cozy seating

Creating a cozy place to settle in with a good book is a key part of any reading nook. Reading areas are a great place to use really kid-friendly seating like beanbag chairs, furry rugs, foot stools and pillows.

  •  Kids love small, unique spaces so consider creating a reading nook in unusual unused spaces like under the stairs (#1). 
  • Or create a special space to read in the middle of a main room with teepees and beans bags from Target's Pillowfort collection (#2). 
  • While an investment, unique kid-friendly chairs (#4) are well-made and have a long life thanks to quality construction and a zip-off, washer-friendly cover. 
Cozy Seating for Kids

More Cozy Seating Ideas

  • Rory Bean Bag. ($249) Perfect for game rooms and playrooms, this bean bag chair is inviting for solo reading sessions. 
  • Tiny Land Large Kids Tent ($59.99) This canvas tent is ideal to set up a reading zone that encourages creativity. It's a playhouse that can be outfitted with pillows and blankets to set the just right atmosphere. (note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link) 
  • Mid-Century Kid Upholstered Reading Chair & Ottoman ($165). Sized for kids 3-6 this duo is made for settling in with a good book. It's got an elastic strap on back of chair for holding books and accessories. We love that kids can prop their feet up on the cushioned ottoman. There's more storage embedded in the ottoman and it is accessible from both sides. It's the perfect spot to store more books, magazines or even a small blanket. (note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link) 
  • Mid-Century Corner Kids Chaise Lounge ($274) if you don't have a ton of space, this piece can tuck into a corner and store books while also providing seating. 
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A Smart Book Display

Create a reading nook - book display
  • You want books to be easy to see and easy for little hands to grab so think beyond a traditional book shelf. I love these options that make books like eye-catching and put them at eye level. 
  • Putting a book rail or newspaper racks makes book covers easy to see and doesn't take up much space while a DIY book bin (#2 is made from an old drawer with added legs) lets kids flip through books easily to find the perfect read. 
  • And in addition to all the other multitude of uses for the IKEA Raskog Cart, it also makes a perfect, movable bookshelf. 

Good (Or Creative) Lighting

Create a reading nook - good lighting
  • Natural lighting is great, but if your reading nook location doesn't have windows nearby, provide fun and functional reading light with bendable clip-on book light (note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link) that can clip onto a variety of surfaces, a fun chandelier, or repurposed holiday lights or bigger hanging bulbs to make a reading corner feel extra special. 
  • You can even pick up a special light that clip directly onto books (note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link) for avid reader. [Sources - 1, 2, 3, 4]

Have a reading nook? How did you create a special spot to read?


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