Babies and children come with a plethora of things from toys to hair accessories. Properly storing these necessities is a must to reduce the amount of clutter and disarray in your home. With organization being at the forefront of the new year, one of the major solutions to conquering the problem of clutter is to make sure that every item has a dedicated home. Once there is a dedicated storage location for your necessities make sure to get everyone in the family onboard to help maintain the change.

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Five Clever Storage Ideas for Toys

Here are some storage and organizational options for storing those necessary evils that come with having a family.

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Mason Jars

These glass jars once used for canning make great decor statements when used to store hair accessories or other small items. Add a chalk label and put those hair bows and other accessories on display. No need to break the bank for the fancy ones, your local dollar store may sell them.

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Upcycled Cans

Don't be so quick to toss those old cans. A good washing, and a few coats of spray paint make them great containers for storing art utensils, pencils and pens.

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Hanging Shoe Storage

Replace shoes with dolls, toys, flashcards and other small items in over the door shoe storage containers.

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Deck Planter Storage

Add hanging flower baskets to the side of your deck or sandbox to store outside play toys neatly.

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Dishrack Storage

With the grooves already built in and the cutlery tray attached a dish rack makes perfect storage for coloring or work books. Drop writing utensils in the cutlery dish for convenience.



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