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The summer season is coming to an end and we've got one last week of Camp Mom activities to help you keep the kids entertained until they go back to school (online or in person). Let's savor these last sweet days of unscheduled time with our kids.

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What will you get every week? Each week you'll get eight activity ideas for your kids. You've got to sign up to be linked to all the resources from Camp Mom this summer. Sign up for your weekly email here.


Family Fun: Create Family Travel Albums

Did you take a road trip this summer? Or maybe you didn't take a trip this summer, but still have hoards of photos from summer's past sitting in digital files. Use these last weeks of summer to organize these photos into touchable and watchable memories. We have great ideas from scrapbooks to travel journals to spend time together enjoying trips past. Head here to get four creative ways to preserve your family travel memories

Move: Family Yoga Time

For online classes, we love Bulldog Yoga. These classes are perfectly suited to families with teens and tweens. The on-demand yoga classes vary in length and intensity. We've found some great beginner classes and love that there's a variety that are 30 minutes or less. Head to here

For younger kids, we've got a list of resources here. Even toddlers can tap into some zen. Check out the ABC's of Yoga for Kids --it comes as a book or set of 56 yoga cards. 

Ten Best Sewing Kits for Children

Learn: Start to Sew

During COVID my teens tried some embroidery. I found the kits on etsy, and it was a great week or two of success. We have some tips to get kids sewing and quilting here.

  1. Etsy pack of 6 sewing cards for kids 6+
  2. Etsy rainbow sewing cards for kids 3+
  3. Fancy French sewing kit for kids 6+ is a full basket of inspiration.
  4. Ann Williams has a great learn to sew kit (get 10% off with code SAVE10) 
  5. Artika felt sewing kit is terrific for kids 8+
  6. Darn Good Yarn crosstitch kit (Save 20% on all kits with code DOGOOD until 8/31.)

Create: Make a Flower Press

This week is all about savoring summer. Our friends at came up with a sweat flower press craft that will help your kids preserve all the prettiest parts of summer. Get all the directions here. If you want to jump right in, you can also buy a press to save the flowers you love here. 

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Watch: Best Nature Documentaries

I wish that this was the summer we made it to Alaska. It was supposed to happen, but COVID had other plans. One of the big reasons we wanted to go was to see the wildlife. I'm pretty crazy about animals and my kids are too. The end of summer is the perfect time to dive into nature documentaries. I'm grateful that put together this list of the 13 best nature documentaries for kids.

Cook: Whipped Banana

We tried this recipe this week and were blown away by how tasty it is. All you need is a bit of milk (dairy or non dairy) as well as banana and the toppings or flavors you want to mix in. Get all the directions here on It really couldn't be easier and tastes so much like ice cream.

  1. Chop a ripe banana into small pieces
  2. Freeze for at least two hours
  3. Whip with a food processor, we use a hand blender (the kind you use for smoothies) add a touch of milk
  4. Now is the optional time to add toppings.

Visit: Head to Our National Parks Virtually

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  1. Keep kids busy building a fort
  2. Create a cozy reading nook for kids
  3. Toddler Puzzles and Sorting Games


Need more ideas on what to do with the kids? Be sure to follow our Activities to Do with the Kids board on Pinterest here.

Camp Mom Summer Activities Week Two

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