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When was the last time you heard "I'm bored" in your house? While I do subscribe to the view that a little boredom never hurt anyone (and often can lead to creative play), I also know that this summer is extraordinary due to the COVID virus. Camps across the nation are closed and parents are having to play the part of camp counselor in addition to all the regular responsibilities of parenting. To help, we have eight Momtrends Camp Mom July activity ideas for bored kids.

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Family Fun: Treehouses and Forts

Some friends of mine are building a tree house with their boys. I absolutely love the idea of a big summer project like this. I've rounded up loads of inspiration in this post. To get inspiration check out these 11 free tree house plans on Spruce Crafts.

If you want a slightly less ambitious option, don't forget about the joy a simple pillow fort can bring. Gather all the pillows, cushions and blankets you can find and start creating an indoor city in your living room. Ikea has some cool ideas to get you started. To add a personal touch, add a free pillow fort printable here.

Move: Hiking

Sticking with the outdoor theme, July is a great month to take kids hiking. Start with easy walks close to home (it's as easy as doing a google search for local parks with trails). is another good resource. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, bug spray (we like the B organics brand) and water. 

I always like to have kids get involved in spotting things, be it it trail markers or counting frogs, it makes the time pass more enjoyably. Head here to get a hiking scavenger hunt printable from Makes and Takes.

Learn: First Aid Skills

Any good scout needs to know some survival basics. This is a great time to build the family first aid kit and teach kids the basics of treating wounds and cuts. 

Of course you can buy a kit on Amazon, but it's more fun to build your own. Once you have the kit, review some basic skills like cleaning wounds and calling 911. I like the idea of doing some DIY splint lessons. Especially if you can use stuffed animals for practice.

It's also a great time to go over where the poison control numbers are and the emergency list.


Create: Make a Firefly Lantern

Our easy craft idea helps light up the night. When I was a kids we used to catch fireflies, but they sure didn't last long. This easy DIY firefly lantern can be used in the tree fort or pillow fort. It's super simple and my daughter has been using it as a nightlight in her room the past few nights. 

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Cook: Make a S'Mores bar

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Camp Mom July Activity Ideas for Bored Kids



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Need more ideas on what to do with the kids? Be sure to follow our Activities to Do with the Kids board on Pinterest here.

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