This one is for all the wanna be witches and wizards out there. No matter how you feel about J.K. Rowling's politics, it's hard to resist the imaginary Hogwarts world she created. This week we're supplying eight Camp Mom Harry Potter themed summer activities. Why this week? Well fans know July 31, 1980 is Harry's birthday and since he was always ripped off on party celebrations, we have to make up for it!

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Camp Mom Harry Potter Summer Activities

Family Fun: Harry Potter Viewing Party

On November 16, 2001, the first Harry Potter movie appeared in theaters. Since then, millions of fans have been born. There's a new generation ready for the magic and COVID is the perfect time to create a family viewing party. Our party has crafts, snacks and ideas to turn movie night into something magical. Get the details here.


Move: Try Your Hand at Quidditch

To get moving this week, why not try a game of Quidditch. This game was the focus of the early books. It's a mix of elements from rugby, dodgeball, and tag. I like that it's a mixed gender sport with a wee bit of contact. For a "real" quidditch game, your'll need 14 people. But in COVID times, you can simply get the kids running around tossing balls while they try to stay on "brooms" -- or sticks. This backyard version is a good place to start.

To find out more about the official game, head here While the game can appear chaotic to the casual observer, once familiar with the basic rules, quidditch is an exciting sport to watch and even more exciting to play.


Learn: Harry Potter Book Club

Sure, the movies are amazing, but let's not forget all the magic started with books. The first Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) was originally published on June 26, 1997. Since then it's sold more than 120 million copies to date. You could get the books one by one, but I recommend getting all seven books. Get the boxed set here.

To inspire your little readers, encourage them to join the Scholastic Harry Potter Book club. The website provides parents who want to organize a book club with access to all the tools they need to host a Harry Potter Reading Club and celebrate the joy of reading.

And for younger kids, I adore the Audible books recorded by voice artist Jim Dale. Find our more on Audible and consider the offer to join now and get two free audiobooks. 

Camp Mom Harry Potter Summer Activities

Create: Harry Potter Book Mark

This quick Harry Potter inspired bookmark that you can make for yourself or your kids. Get instructions here to make your Harry Potter book mark

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Did you know National Book Lovers Day, this coming Tuesday, August 9th? This craft is the perfect way to mark the holiday.

Service: Ideas for giving back to your community

The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into heroes. They use the power of story and popular culture to make activism accessible and sustainable. It's all about training teens to become activists. Find out more about the Harry Potter Alliance here.

Watch: Online resources for kids to give mom a break

Of course this is the week to set up a Harry Potter Marathon. With eight movies in the cannon (ten if you count the two Fantastic Beast movies), there is plenty to keep you busy. In our family we always celebrate July with a Harry Potter fest. We now own all the movies on Amazon Prime, but I know that each summer the SyFy channel runs a marathon.

Cook: Harry Potter Themed Snacks

You're going to need some snacks for your movie watching marathon. While I love popcorn, I went to Pinterest to research some Harry Potter themed snacks. I found a few:

Camp Mom Harry Potter Summer Activities

Visit: Warner Bros. Studios Tour London

One of our all-time favorite travel experiences was our trip to the Warner Bros. Studios in London. We took the full day to soak in the experience at this cool attraction outside of London in Leavesden in southeastern England. We learned about some of the magic that went into the movies. It's not a theme park, it's a celebration of movie magic that offers behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Harry Potter films. I know we can't get to Europe right now, but that doesn't mean we can't be a part of the magic of Harry Potter from home. 

This summer kids can learn how the magic was brought to life on screen without leaving the house. From set design to camera angles, budding creators can learn from Harry Potter's team at home here. 

Camp Mom Harry Potter Summer Activities



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Camp Mom Summer Activities Week Two

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