It's that magical time of year when the kids have been in school for several weeks and you feel as though the house has been invaded by backpacks, loads of supplies, and an endless trail of school paperwork. Sound familiar? Well, having an organizational plan for the home during back to school time is a must for parents to keep track of all things school related as well as maintain some sanity.

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Three Organizational Ideas

Here are three ways to bring back to school organization directly to your home:

1. Create a storage area for all school supplies. Whether you have an extra closet or ample storage area in the kitchen, utilize this space for craft supplies, homework resources, and other school materials. Family Circle offers great tips on getting areas of your home organized and ready for the new school year.

Bins, storage units and tidy boxes are an easy way to organize items within the space. Having an organized closet or storage area also provides easy access for children to get what they need without asking mom or dad for assistance every time they need something.


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2. Setup a school zone for backpacks, shoes and jackets. A mudroom, laundry area, or garage space is perfect for creating a Back to School Zone which includes some school basics: backpacks, jackets and shoes.

Money Saving Queen shares how to achieve the goal of creating a back to school zone within the home. Kids always come through the door from school with many of these items so it makes sense to keep them all in one area of the home. This is also a great time management tip because kids will always know where homework belongs as well as where to place their coat and sneakers. Giving kids their own space to keep these personal belongings makes for an easy transition time {going to and coming home from school} much, much simpler.

3. Create a keepsake of memories. Time moves really fast so it’s important to try and capture some of these fleeting moments. Taking photos of your children at every stage of the school year through various sports and activities is a great idea, especially if they end up in a digital album or a scrapbook. However, creating an actual notebook of memories is an idea we adore from I Heart Organizing.


At the end of the school week, children create a journal passage/letter to mom and dad writing about current thoughts, ideas, or even about their weekend. Then, the parents write (in the same notebook) a journal passage/letter back to the child. Each week, the family is creating a notebook full of memories, feelings and above all love! What a wonderful way to really connect with your children and above all, creating a keepsake and timeless memories for years to come.


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