Taga is one of the coolest bike/stroller/caddy systems ever. It was dreamed up in the Netherlands where everyone cycles for fitness, fun and the environment. I'm hoping this brand will make a big splash in the US. It's got all the key elements--looks, functionality and design. That's why we think the Taga is the best bike for carrying children.

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Best Bike for Carrying Children from Taga

Check out the Convertible Taga Bike

Cycling is a big part of Dutch culture and cargo or cargo bikes, three-wheeled vehicles with wooden boxes in the front, are very popular as a way to travel with kids. Taga's biggest influence came from the Dutch "bakfiets" (meaning "box-bike" or "cargo bike"). The idea behind Taga was to take the cargo bike concept one step further and turn it into a global trend. It's a family-friendly ride and extremely versatile.

The bike can flip out to a stroller or a wheeled cart and can carry one or two children. I loved the bright pops of color and the sturdy aluminum design. Sadly, I only got to test this in the grand hall of the Biggest Baby Shower ever in NYC--so I can't report on a road test. It is built to hold an adult up to 220 lbs and two kids totaling 80 lbs in the bike mode. The Taga starts at $1495.  There are a ton of accessories to trick out the bike to help you haul more in comfort and style.

You can get more information at tagabikes.com/


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