Thanksgiving is just two days away. The holidays are officially here, and I'm ready to mix, mingle, and celebrate with my friends and family. 

Of course, no one is as excited for the festivities as my two little people. Every day they ask me how many days are left before Christmas. (Slow down, babies and enjoy the ride--getting there is half the fun!)

Now that they're a little older and have a better grasp on time, I've decided to start an advent calendar tradition this year. I know they're going to relish opening each daily flap or box or drawer and finding a sweet surprise. I'll fill it with goodies and trinkets and gifties and knickknacks and all sorts of $1 section finds from Target (can I get an Amen?!) Speaking of my favorite affordable shopping section, I also snagged two of these activity-a-day advent calendars for my kiddos. Coloring before bed is our way to unwind, and I know they'll be delighted to go to their rooms at 7:30 every evening so they can see what fun game is next (it's the ultimate win-win!).

Advent calendars have come a long way in the last few years. There are traditional options to delight Christmas-crazed children and luxury options for the me-time-starved mamas (you deserve 25 days of beauty!). We've rounded up a plethora of picks for every calendar-loving Christmas fanatic out there. Enjoy!

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