Whew! After that winter we can sure use a smile. Thankfully there's a holiday coming up that is all about fun and doesn't involve large crowds or shopping. April Fool's Day is in a few days, and we've gathered up six of our favorite fun, funny, and harmless pranks to pull on your kids. But be warned - kids are known to retaliate!

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tricks for April Fool's Day

I've Got My Eye On You. Younger kids will get a kick out of this simple and silly April Fool's Day prank. Buy a pack or two of googly eyes and stick them on their breakfast, on things in the fridge, or all over the house!

April Fool's Day Pranks Googly Eyes

Don't Be Blue: Unscrew your faucet cap and place a non-toxic dye pellet (like the ones that come in Easter Egg dyeing kits) inside the cap before screwing it back on. Watch your child's surprised look when red, green or blue water comes out of the faucet!

April Fool's Day Pranks for kids - blue water

Lucky Day Dollar: You may only be able to use this one once or twice around the house before your kids wise up, but it's a good one. Snip off the corner of a dollar bill and tape it to a playing card and then leave a few of them around the house tucked into books (bonus points for school books).

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kid pranks

Broccoli Pop: Your kids will be so excited to get a lollipop in their lunch. Well, at least until they open it!

Broccoli Pop from The Decorated Cookie

Broccoli Pop from The Decorated Cookie

Unpourable Milk. Martha Stewart is serious about her April Fool's Day pranks. Here's one that's great for the kids and only requires milk and gelatin. And luck you - no spills!

April Fool's Day pranks for kids

Have a fun April Fool's Day!


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