A Thanksgiving Snack the Kids Will Gobble Up

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Growing up, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. (Well, maybe it tied with Christmas.) I loved the parade, the food, the football, the family, the big feast... all of it. 

In our household, being relegated to kids' table was a good thing. There were activities and crafts and games to play while we waited for the Big Bird to make its debut. She had to keep us occupied; it seemed to take forever for the turkey to be carved and plated. That's why she also made sure that there were plenty of fun snacks ready to keep cranky kiddos contentedly smiling. 

I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I'm going to take a cue from my mom's page and make the kids' table lively--and keep the snacks coming! These adorable turkey glove snacks will definitely make the cut. 


What you'll need: Popcorn, Goldfish (or similar cheddar-cracker snack), a clear glove, a rubber band, a black marker, a red marker, and a set of googly eye balls.


Fill the fingers with the cheddar snacks and the body with popcorn; tie it up with a rubberband.


Glue on the eye balls and draw on the snood. 

How cute would these be as a place settings at the kids' table. Sere with some refreshing Juicy Juice Splashers--easy and fun!

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This is not a sponsored post. Photos and tutorial via Juicy Juice. Get more ideas HERE.

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