My six year old came home from school yesterday excitedly, happily, frantically ranting and raving about catching a leprechaun. He had a master plan that involved trap doors, security cameras, and flashing lights. 

Clearly, Imma have to rein in his ambitions, hopefully without stifling his creativity, but we will craft ourselves a basic trap... perhaps use some Lucky Charms for bait! 

I love how passionate he is and that he thinks outside the box! That's why I'm ready to get creative with our St. Paddy's Day projects--so I've rounded up a few fun ones I know he'll enjoy. (But nothing that entails a trip to Home Depot!)


Clay Pot Leprechaun Hat via That’s What Che Said


Blarney Stone via Somewhat Simple


Green Glitter Slime via Crafty Morning


Leprechaun Garden via Frugal Mom eh!


St. Paddy’s Day Calming Bottle via My Homebased Life


Leprechaun Lookers via Love Your Littles


Shamrock Sun Catcher via Honey & Lime


Leprechaun Plate Mask via The Resourceful Mom

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