Spring Fashions for Kids by Kspin Design


Motherhood is not only a life changing experience, it is an inspirational one where a lot of us find second careers or finally have the courage to pursue our passions. Kerry Lynn Spindler is one of those moms that turned her career into a fashion model into a successful business with Kspin Designs, an upscale children's line.

After being diagnosed with melanoma at age 27, Kerry decided to take her career to a different level with a children's fashion company whose materials are specially designed and hand-crafted in the USA by both Kerry and one of her seamstresses. In addition to featuring unique and hand-made products, the company also serves a dual purpose in its mission by serving as a platform to raise public awareness and education for children by providing free sunscreen and safety tips with every purchase.

With the summer coming, we are loving this fusion of fashion and education. Here are some of Kerry's favorite pieces and a fun interview.

Striking in Stripes
Tweet in Raspberry

Momtrends: What is the inspiration behind the look of the collection?
Kerry: The inspiration for our line is based on the love of color, texture, contrast and of course children. Our team of expert seamstresses loves to use each of these elements to create a subtle yet eye-catching refined style. As artists we are able to take styles of yesterday and make them modern and whimsical which enhances their timeless quality.

Momtrends: Can you tell me about your background with design?
Kerry: I started making plus sized prom dresses when I was in 8th grade. For my 16th birthday where most people aould ask for a car, I asked for a sewing machine. That was a bittersweet proposition for my parents at the time because I would use their sheet sets to designs outfits the night before school. We laugh about it today but back in the day not-so-much. From there, I started doing home decor projects and later went on to work in a Couture Bridal Salon. I have always had an appreciaton for beautiful quality and I emulate that through my designs. In addition, each of the hand selected seamstresses on our team share the same passion and diversity in experience.

Momtrends: What inspired you to start this line?
Kerry: I was diagnosed with melanoma at age 27 and decided to take my career path in a new direction. My modeling experience and passion for fashion inspired me to create a platform to raise awareness and begin educating at an early age.

A friend's daughter was also an inspiration. I had seen photos of her in her toddler years and just fell in love with how "girly" and "dainty" she was and couldn't resist putting that energy behind my sewing machine. Fast forward a few years later and here we are. I think one of my favorite things about my job and my inspiration is watching our "Kspin Kids" grow up. It is so fulfilling and motivating at the same time. I can't count how many "Kspin kids" I have now but, I enjoy every one of them just the same!

Momtrends: What are some of your favorite pieces?
Kerry: It is hard to say. I really enjoy each piece for different reasons. Each of our designs compliment an active sophisticated child but if I had to choose a few favorites they would have to be:

Little Fellow - "Striking in Stripes"
Little Miss - "Bundle of Beauty"
Little Bundle - "Tweet in Raspberry"

For more information, please visit: http://www.kspindesigns.com/

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