Puffy Coats for Kids


Did you know New York City gets 25 inches of snow a year! Yes, it's a lot and that's why we need puffy coats for kids. Starting in December, the weather changes, Temperatures dip below zero, but we still have to get out.

Our walk to school is just under a mile each way. I'm proud to say in nine years of doing the school commute, we've never hailed a cab or taken an uber. I look at the morning walk as a chance to bond with the girls and jump start my day. But you need the right gear to survive.

When my daughter started the Brooklyn school schlep, we bought her first Long Down Coat" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Appaman puffy coat. Why? Because all the other Brooklyn kids were wearing them. So I checked them out and then I got to meet the Founders--Harald and Lynn. They are also Brooklyn parents and they've got two girls.

I loved them--they bring a great sensibility to everything they do. Now eight years later the girls are still wearing Appaman and they still look great. You can check out last year's picks here.

This season we went a little longer, because baby it gets cold outside. This is Appaman's best selling coat. It's not heavy or bulky, but it will keep your kids incredibly warm. Plus, let's talk about the colors.


My older daughter is wearing the Long Down Coat" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">sparkle lavender--the color is amazing. And I love that there is an inner zipper layer and then outer snaps--so she can control how much heat she needs.

I captured all these shots on our walk to school. This is real city life. We're always on the move.

Long Down coat

My younger daughter is wearing theLong Down Coat" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Vegas Gold--this metallic color is awesome. It's right on trend. She loves how it has a bit of sparkle.


I will also attest that Appaman's quality is beyond. These are coats that can be worn multiple years and passed down, They are gems.


Let's check out the detail--the hood is trimmed in faux fur. Isn't it cute? We've got miles to go this winter, and now the girls are outfitted in style.

This is not a sponsored post, we were given samples.

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