Warm, Yet Stylish Vests for Kids


There is one article of clothing that neither I, nor my kiddos really owned until this year and that's a cold weather vest. After picking up quilted vests, faux fur vests and even puffer vests, for us this winter, I can now say with full confidence that they're in our wardrobes to stay! We all wore them non-stop on our mountain getaway last month. You northerners probably already know how useful these bad boys are, but this Florida girl had to get educated thanks to some cold mountain weather.

The vest really is the perfect layering piece for boys, girls (and mamas) alike. I don't know how I didn't realize that before! And since it's going to be a while before warm temps find us again, layering is still most necessary. Simply throw one on over a thermal tee and your kiddos will be nice and toasty on the chilly days to come. I'm partial to the ones with a bit of faux fur myself...and my lil' lady bean agrees with me. She cuddles her faux fur vest like it's a stuffie. No joke. My lil' dude isn't quite on board with the fur yet however. Haha!


Gap Fur-Trim Puffer Vest / Gap Warmest VestThe North Face Reversible Perrito Vest / J. Crew Furry Leopard Vest / Gap Warmest Floral Puffer Vest / J. Crew Grizzly Fleece Vest

I rounded up some adorable vests that are sure to please your little ladies and gentlemen. Whether you're looking for puffer vests, fleece vests or even my beloved faux fur, I've got you covered today with these adorable picks...and many of them are on sale! Score! Now's a great time to finish rounding out your kiddos' winter wardrobes. The stores will be releasing spring collection soon, so they're starting to discount their winter stuff!

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