Understanding Allergies in Kids

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Allergies are common in our world today - especially with our kids who can be allergic to anything from dust to various foods. To better understand allergies and help our kids, we've rounded up some of our favorite allergy resources.

1. We are really excited about the first book from Foodfacts.com, the online resource which uncovers what’s really in your food. Written by Stanley Rak, the new book, BABY Nutrition, Allergen & Score Guide 2013 Edition covers a comprehensive guidebook of nutrition facts, ingriedent information, allergens and everything else that a consumer will need to know about how to avoid certain foods. This also includes nutritional information for infants and toddlers including bottle-feeding health tips, age-appropriate foods, how to choose a formula, and tips for homemade baby food as well as a section of pregnancy nutritional information spotlighting super-foods and foods to avoid. Our favorite section is "Allergies 101” where you will find a break down the differences between food allergies, food intolerance, and food aversion, as well as provides tips on how to manage allergies as well as the section about the most common allergies, dubbed “Class One Allergens,” explains symptoms and explanations behind the eight most popular allergens (i.e., peanuts, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, dairy and wheat). They also address controversial ingredients (carrageenans, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, etc) and a comprehensive product listing covering baby formula, baby and toddler food, baby treats and snacks, beverages and supplements, so parents can be better informed about what they give their kids.

2. While education about allergies is key, we also love Beware Bandits, an effective, easy-to-use medical alert wristband for children with allergies and health issues that children will love to wear. These bright, colorful bracelets sport informative characters that correspond to the child’s particular allergy or condition to help to easily identify his/her medical challenge. This includes Billy The Bee for Insect Stings, Yeehaw Yolk for Eggs, Poker Face Peanut for Peanuts, Wagon W. Wheat for Wheat /Gluten and much more - making them agreat reminder for friends, family, guardians and care takers to keep a watchful eye out for potentially harmful allergic reactions and health issues that a child (or teen or adult) might have.The Beware Bandits are $5.99 and are available at Target and Publix stores nationally. For more information go to: www.BewareBandits.com

3. Allergy tests are also a great way to understand exactly what you are allergic to. One of our favorites is MyAllergyTest, a system that tests 10 key allergens in ONE unit. This is done in three easy steps: collect a small sample, send it into the lab and get results either by U.S. mail or online (via pin #/secure server).For more information, please visit: http://fieldii.com/wp/myallergytest/form/

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