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summer fashion

This family loves to travel. Whether it's a trip overseas for a European vacation or a hop on the train to see family, we love to explore. Packing outfits that look great and keep the kids happy is super easy thanks to Appaman.

union station appaman

The family-run brand knows kids move. They also know kids love prints. We picked a few items from the summer line and took them on a recent trip to Virginia.

First stop? Union Station. This grand train station is our connection to family. And it makes a nice backdrop for the romper and shorts we brought along. The Hawaiian Romper is ideal for hot days and kids that would rather wear a swimsuit (we've got one of those).

viva vienna

Next stop: Viva Vienna a local family fair. There were all the requisite foods on sticks (we opted out) and rides (we opted in) and time with my brother and his kids. Do you have local fairs in your town? To me they are a sweet way to spend the afternoon without having to haul to a crowded theme park.

fair rides
flying plane ride

Vienna is such a great neighborhood. There are tons of playgrounds and bike paths. It's a kids paradise. Our little monkey bar expert is wearing the Palm Leaf Circle Tee and Tropical Track Short.

appaman monkey bars

And a final note on travel. One of my girls brought along this rainbow string. Thanks to cat's cradle it entertained both girls for HOURS! I was inspired to share this Youtube video to get your kids inspired.

Where are you going this summer? What are you bringing to keep the kids entertained?

This is not a sponsored post. Appaman did provide samples for our shoot.

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