Raising America's The "Predator Test"

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In our modern times, an awareness of predators is unfortunately necessary. To help parents out, Raising America is running a one-hour special on Friday called the “Predator Test.

In this extensive episode, they put 20 kids to the test to see which ones would walk away with our undercover predator. Of the kids who walked away, what was their parent reactions? What are they going to differently? What can we learn from the kids and parents who didn’t take the bait?

Jaycee Dugard’s therapist will also join for the hour to teach parents how to talk and test our own kids. We’re also going to review real defense techniques for kids.

In the end, parents will walk away smarter, armed with what you need to teach your kids to be safe.

Raising America's “Predator Test.

Friday @ 12pET, @HLNTV's #RaisingAmerica goes beyond stranger danger to teach you how to keep kids safe: http://on.hln.tv/1rePJK

 Check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153096367060253

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