Lost My Name Book Series

Lost My Name Books

We love reading at night to our kids, and a new favorite book just made its way to our nightstand with the Lost My Name Book Series. Developed by three dads and an uncle, the books started out as a DIY project turned into the concept for a personalized book where every kid gets a personalized story that features his or her name.

They did this by creating many different stories with over 200 illustrations so that they are literally able to make books for every single name!

Lost My Name Books

How it works is simple. You tell Lost My Name what your child's name, they use their name to create a story, the book is printed and then your child has their own magical and unique story.

Lost My Name Books
Lost My Name Books

I read them with my girls and I loved the story of how a little girl woke up and didn't know her name. Through a beautifully illustrated adventure that follows her on her journey to discovering her name, which is actually my daughter's name. My older daughter loved how the letters revealed themselves to be her own as she meet fantastic, fabulous and often very funny encounters with weird and wonderful creatures.

Designed for kids 2-6 years old, the books not only offer the personalization aspect, they also evoke wonder, curiosity, and magic to a young reader.

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Lost My Name Books
Lost My Name Books
Lost My Name Books

An excellent gift idea, every book is as special and something they will treasure now and for years to come.

For more information, check out: www.lostmy.name

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